Selecting the most appropriate red portable air conditioning unit is probably a much more concerned than choosing the best shampoo for redheads. Dimensions, electrical power, efficiency, quick and easy installation, features, as well as noises are common key issues to consider. Here, we mention all of those factors to give you the most appropriate and helpful information. So, which red air conditioning unit is the best for you? Let’s find out.

The NewAir AF-1000R portable air conditioners have become the prime alternative to window or wall air conditioners or as a supplement to centralized air conditioning. So if you live in an apartment building that does not allow window units, then the NewAir Portable Air conditioner is perfect for you. Many persons have adapted to it because its installation is easy, doesn’t require any heavy lifting, and because these portable air conditioner units can be mounted on casters. This post is among other portable AC units detailed reviews you can find online, but for our case will be only exploring some of its advantage, disadvantages as well as the best supplier of your red portable air conditioning unit.

Advantages of the Red NewAir AF-1000R Portable AC unit

The NewAir portable air conditioner will definitely keep you cool in the hottest of summer and warm in the coldest of winter. This appliance features an amazing +8000 BTU power, a 3 speed heater, fan and dehumidifier all in one. If ease of installation and flexibility are two features that you particularly look out for then look no further.

The red NewAir portable air conditioner comes with a traditional sliding window venting kit and will fit in most vertical and horizontal windows. Also comes equipped with additional features such as a timer, oscillating air swing and electronic control panel. NewAir has ensured that your portable air conditioner will almost never cause the same problems that your traditional window unit has. I mean, why use the large annoying window units that takes up the whole window and blocks your view, when you can consider a better alternative. To top the list of advantages this portable air conditioner has, it also comes with 4-in-1 Home Comfort Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 5 years on compressor/sealed system part only. Unfortunately installation and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are NOT covered under Danby’s warranty but they offer In-Home Service.

Disadvantages of the NewAir AF-1000R  Portable Air Conditioner

The installation of air conditioner still does require that you place the unit close to a window as you’ll need to run the exhaust hose outside. This air conditioner is very heavy, which is a huge disadvantage because portability should mean it can be easily moved.


The NewAir AF-1000R portable air conditioner has become a very proud competitor in today’s market of air conditioners. It is without a doubt a great investment to make if you are shopping around for an air conditioner for your home or office. So now that we have covered the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this cooling appliance, the only other aspect to think about is where you can get a good deal on your selected model. There, my friend, is where Amazon. Com steps in. Amazon.com, to date, has the best deals on portable air conditioners and matched with Amazon’s great prices there is no downside to buying a portable AC unit.