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Recession Impacting On Starting a Family : Do you have to Worry ?

The recession has hit not only jobs, mortgages and house prices but also when or even whether women choose to have a baby. Figures show that around fifteen percent of women have reconsidered having a child, whilst a further ten per cent have decided to delay doing so, because they feel they can’t afford one – or are worried about their household income in these times of job insecurity. Many women are even considering in having their ova frozen for future use, to avoid the risk inherent in delaying pregnancy that they may leave it too late. Read Also : Further figures reveal that last year women said that they would be prepared to spend £15,000 to help them to

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Does US Needs Better Maternity

  There has been much talk recently about the need to improve maternity care, to increase the number of midwives to cope with the increase in the birthrate in this country. Now a government Minister in Wales has pledged that care for pregnant women and women delivering their children will be improved. Wales’ Health Minister, Lesley Griffiths, said that women in labour and women who are pregnant should have the right to receive good quality care combined with respectful treatment to provide them with a sense of dignity. The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) seized upon Ms Griffiths’ comments as a ‘significant opportunity’ for Wales, which has provided somewhat intermittent quality care in recent years: whilst good quality home births have

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